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CR2 is a graphic file format developed by the manufacturer of camcorders and cameras Canon. This means that all images made by the equipment of this manufacturer are saved by default in CR2 format (short name from Canon Raw Image File). One of the most attractive properties of images of the specified format is their high quality, even if the file is being edited (color balance, contrast, brightness change). Data for the CR2 format image is obtained directly from the matrix. Among the main drawbacks of the format are the large file size, as well as poor compatibility with other software products.

ODG is not the most common vector image file format. Its developer is the OASIS group, and the name is an abbreviation for OpenDocument Graphic File. ODG vector images are set using dots, lines, and curves, and saved using XML markup. As a rule, ODG files are considered optimal for creating, editing and storing drawings, vector images and logos. To create such files at the moment most often use the popular free office suite Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

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