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JP2 is a bitmap image format. The JP2 format, i.e. JPEG 2000 image, was developed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group. The JP2 file can be in the form of a photograph, drawing, digital fax, etc. File type: JPEG 2000 Core Image File. JPEG 2000 is the patent-pending bitmap image format. It has been licensed free of charge, and now it is an international standard (ISO / IEC 15444-1: 2004). Compared to the previous JPEG-1 standard, JPEG 2000 uses a completely different method to compress data (wavelet transform, wavelet transform). This method generally ensures higher image quality. It also gives a more compact file size. The JP2 format has a lot in common with the JPEG format, which is now especially popular. However, it differs in that it uses wavelet transform technology for compression, and discrete cosine transform has found application in JPEG. Using the first technology, you can get a better image, even when the file size is relatively smaller. There are also JP2 files with the extensions .J2K, JPF, MJ2, JPX and JPM. In order to open a file of this format, that is, to edit, use programs such as Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Photoshop, ACD Systems ACDSee, Google Chrome.

EPS is an image file format developed by Adobe. The name is an abbreviation for Encapsulated PostScript. The format is accessible for reading and editing in most popular vector graphic editors (for example, in CorelDraw). EPS files can use images, text fragments, 2D elements of vector graphics. You can work with these files on Windows or Mac OS operating systems. This is a universal way to save data, but it does not save some settings for the printer, and there cannot be more than one page in one file.

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