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Converter MKA to MID

MKA is an audio container format. It supports some types of audio compression algorithms. The .mka file extension belongs to the Matroska format (Matröška, Matryoshka). Thus, it serves to specifically designate the file type "Matroska Audio File" (Matroska Audio File). Matroska is an open cross-platform standard. It is a modern extensible multimedia container format. It is error resistant. It is suitable for streaming HTTP / RTP. Supports multiple subtitle tracks, audio, video. The Matroska standard is supported in the native mode by many software players and hardware devices, including, for example, receivers, televisions, smartphones, etc. A .mka file is a regular Matroska container that has one or more audio tracks. They are encoded by any of the supported codecs. In most cases, AAC and AC3 (Dolby Digital) codecs are used. Playing a .mka file needs the support of the standard Matroska container format. But not only. There must also be a specific audio codec with which the tracks are encoded. Often, MKA files are used as external audio tracks for movies in other languages. Or with other content, or with sound quality. Say multi-channel sound, director’s comments. .Mka audio files are used as containers for high-quality multi-channel music.

MID is a sound file format developed by the MIDI Manufacturers Association and is a standard extension for MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) audio files. Using files of the specified format, the encoding into the standard format of most MIDI data is performed. This standard format is used for the interaction of various devices and programs. The exchange of musical information is between instruments, synthesizers and computers. MID files do not contain the musical data itself, but their attributes - for example, information about how long certain notes sound, or about the pitch, tonality.

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