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Converter SXW to FRW

SXW is a text file format. From the very beginning, it was created for StarOffice Writer, that is, an application that processes texts from the Sun Microsystem StarOffice office suite. StarOffice was developed by Sun Microsystems. Then it was bought by Oracle. That's why Star Office has evolved into Apache Open Office, and is now a commercial Oracle product. At the same time, it is the same software product as the free program The only difference is that the new Open Office provides technical support for packages. The Apache Software Foundation supports the Apache OpenOffice software package, and it provides a universal set of tools designed to work with vector drawings, spreadsheets, text documents, databases, etc. The .sxw file is an OpenOffice text document that is saved in XML-based Sun XML Writer (SXW) format. Currently, the SXW format and other OpenOffice formats that are outdated have skipped ahead of the family of standard OpenDocument Format (ODF) formats with .odt extensions without preserving compatibility between them. SXW files are opened by programs such as StarOffice Writer and Writer.

FRW is a format that has a narrow focus. After all, it was specially developed for engineering design products. Files with the FRW extension are obtained using the Compass engineering software. This program was developed by a domestic company called ASCON. You can save some elements of the same drawing in files. This provides an opportunity to develop volumetric quality projects that have high resolution. The contents of a file of this format can be easily viewed if you use special online services or graphic editors. In order to make changes, they are opened in the design application. The software is developed for the Windows operating system. Users who are involved in volumetric design or dealing with engineering programs are well aware of files with the FRW extension. The purpose of all such files is that they can store different parts of the same drawing. Using this breakdown of one document, you can get technical documentation of a large format (volume). In this case, the image quality does not suffer. This is a necessary component when there is a need to create a voluminous project for equipment that is technically complex. Let's say you need to design a car.

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