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Converter TGA to EPS

TGA is a long-used raster graphic format. It was developed by Truevision Inc. (now Pinnacle Systems) back in 1984. It was initially used by the developer only for its own graphic adapters, but gradually gained popularity (primarily in the field of video processing and animation). Widely used in computer games, where it is used to store textures (including 3D video games). The name of the format comes from Targa Graphic. TGA files may partially contain image transparency information. They can become the main one for creating GIFs.

EPS is an image file format developed by Adobe. The name is an abbreviation for Encapsulated PostScript. The format is accessible for reading and editing in most popular vector graphic editors (for example, in CorelDraw). EPS files can use images, text fragments, 2D elements of vector graphics. You can work with these files on Windows or Mac OS operating systems. This is a universal way to save data, but it does not save some settings for the printer, and there cannot be more than one page in one file.

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