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Converter TIFF to ARW

TIFF is a format that allows you to store raster graphics with tags. It was developed by Aldus Corporation in conjunction with Microsoft so that it can be used with PostScript. Aldus Corporation owns specifications. Subsequently, this company merged with Adobe Systems. It is she who now owns the copyright to these specifications. Typically, TIFF files (Tagged Image File Format) are with the extension .tiff or .tif. Aldus was specifically engaged in the development of the format in order to achieve the preservation of scanned images. The popularity of TIFF can be explained by the fact that it is preferred in order to store images that have a large color depth. The format is used to send faxes, scan, recognize texts. It is widely supported in the printing industry. TIFF was chosen as the main graphic format of the NeXTSTEP operating system. Then from this system TIFF support migrated to Mac OS X. At first, the format supported lossless compression. Then it was supplemented in order to support lossy compression in JPEG format. We emphasize that the maximum weight of a document, if stored in this form, is no more than 4 GB. To open a TIFF file larger than 2 GB, you must run Photoshop CS.

ARW is an uncompressed file format with a digital image of a sufficiently large size, which Sony has created and successfully uses for raw images of its own digital cameras (Sony Digital Camera Raw Image). That is, files of this format are RAW. To open them, you need to use special graphics programs. Any ARW file has a set of basic information. 1) Information from the manufacturer. This includes information about the camera model, filters, lens, sensitivity, color space, white balance, etc. 2) EXIF ​​information. Details of aperture, exposure time, flash, and more. 3) Thumbnail image. Usually about 12 MPx, color, compression. 4) Full-size image with a large color depth. Typically, 12 bits per pixel, or 4096 brightness levels. A full-sized image can be saved as information about different colors. Red, blue, green. The image is collected, and the result is a color photo. Due to this and due to the large color depth of RAW, this type of file is perfect for processing graphics. Better than jpg. The format provides the ability to save many details. It has more options for adjusting color, restoring details from shadows and reducing noise.

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