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Converter TXT to ODG

TXT is one of the simplest and longest existing text file formats. The full name of the format is Plain Text File, and the developer is unknown. Text files of this format are very small, and therefore have become very widespread. A TXT file contains text data organized as strings. As a rule, this is a standard text document without formatting. This format is universal, it is available to work in almost any text editor. But one of the simplest and most common is Windows Notepad. Files with the extension .txt are associated with this program by default.

ODG is not the most common vector image file format. Its developer is the OASIS group, and the name is an abbreviation for OpenDocument Graphic File. ODG vector images are set using dots, lines, and curves, and saved using XML markup. As a rule, ODG files are considered optimal for creating, editing and storing drawings, vector images and logos. To create such files at the moment most often use the popular free office suite Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

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