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DOCX is a more modern version of the DOC text file format, which appeared in Microsoft Word 2007 from Microsoft. It takes its name from the full name of Microsoft Word Open XML Document. As in the previous version, DOCX format files contain not only textual information, but also tables, charts, images, and you can perform any formatting actions with the text. The main difference is that a DOCX text document is not a binary file, but a set of separate files (XML files, docProps, Word and _rels folders) in a ZIP compression package. This gives maximum file security without damaging or losing data.

RTF is one of the most common text formats that has a long history. After all, it was developed back in 1982 at Microsoft. The name of the format is an abbreviation of the English Rich Text Format File. Compared to DOC, this is a more universal format that can be used by almost any, even the simplest, text editors. Another of its features is the ability to transfer text between different programs, if the operating system provides the function of export / import of RTF files. Users also appreciate RTF for the fact that such a document can only contain text, without additional heavy macros.

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