Crop image photo cut online free Crop image photo cut online free

This free online crop image tool makes it quick and easy to crop images right in your browser. Just upload a PNG, JPEG, GIF or other image and then get started selecting the parts that you want to keep. The final result will be a free high quality image with the new cropped dimensions that you require.

There are lots of reasons that you might want to crop image files. One of the most common is to remove elements that ruin the image – if you've accidentally taken a photo with your thumb in the corner for instance, then you might want to remove that portion. Or maybe a passer-by has accidentally strayed into your romantic meal and ruined the shot; again you can just crop them out.

Crop image tools also allow you to fix the dimensions for using your images in a number of specific capacities. This way you can use your image as a background on a phone for example or on a computer. Often these images get stretched or cropped automatically if they aren't just the right size and this then means they can end up looking strange. With this online crop image tool, you can make as many alterations to your images as you like, quickly and easily!

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