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This free online tool makes it easy to detect pixel color using any image. This will give you the precise color codes so that you can reproduce the color precisely and there are many uses for doing so.

One reason that people need to detect pixel color is for branding and logos. If you have a company logo, then you will likely want to make sure that you use the same color scheme throughout all your branding. When you reproduce the logo for other uses for instance and when you use the same coloring in your web design, you need to ensure you are using the precise pixel color so that your brand is consistent.

Software developers will also often need to detect pixel color and this is an important for things like creating images to be used as levels.

If you're a designer, you might just want to detect pixel color so that you can then use the precise color you've seen and enjoyed in a subsequent artistic creation.

This detect pixel color tool is completely free and runs inside your browser. There's no need to download software and it's incredibly quick and easy to use.

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