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This free online image converter software makes it easy for you to convert your image file format. This way you can convert JPGs to PNGs, BMPs or anything else. Because it runs online and right through your browser, there's no need to install new software on your computer and you can quickly convert multiple files.

There are many reasons that you might choose to use image converter software. One popular reason is so that you can reduce file size. Some image files are more compressed than others and using an online image converter it's possible to change to a format that will let you keep more files on your device at once. This is very useful if you want to back up lots of files.

An image converter can also be helpful for webmasters for this reason. Smaller images load more quickly and thereby are more optimized for a website.

Image converter tools can also be useful for professionals who are editing their images. Some image editing tools will only work with specific file types, meaning that you'll need an image converter in order to make the files compatible for editing.

This image converter is free, fast and lets you create as many image files as you want!

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