Instagram like filter Instagram like filter

This free Instagram like filters tool allows you to add filters to your images that will make them look more artistic, more professional and more impressive.

Instagram has become incredibly popular for amateur, hobbyist and professional photographers alike. It's a convenient way to share images but it also provides some simple editing tools to make it easier for you to make your images look even better. Instagram has a select few filters and each one can go a long way to making an image look more vintage, crisp or vibrant. Unfortunately Instagram also has some limitations in terms of how you can use your images and the types of images you can use. They need to be square in dimension for instance.

With this selection of Instagram like filters, you'll be able to add these filters to any of your existing photos with no limitations. This way, you can make your images more artistic and more impressive without having to use square dimensions or having to upload them to the social network.

This free online tool features a range of different Instagram like filters, each of which is perfect for a different types of image. Whether you're going for a vintage effect or you just want to increase the color, you'll find an effect to suit your needs.

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