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This free online case converter tool makes it incredibly quick, easy and simple to convert text to any case.

Case converter tools allow you to convert lower case text to upper case, upper case, to title case or proper case. This can be very useful for converting text into a more useable format.
Here are the types of letter case you can create with a case converter:

Sentence case: This is the case used in regular content, where the first letter will be capitalized after a full stop.

Upper case: Also called 'all caps'. Here everything is capitalized.

Title case: Here the first letter of each word is capitalized except for some subsets (such as 'a' and 'if') as in a title. This is not universally standardized.

Proper case: Here the first letter of every word is capitalized. Also called 'start case'.

Lower case: This is all lower case.

With this online case converter you can convert any text into any case so that you can use capitalized content in a more readable manner, or to make it easier to manipulate for various programs and scripts.

This case converter tool is completely free and runs entirely in the browser online meaning there's no need to install anything!
Do not want to waste time rewriting text
To use our service, you do not need to install additional software
Only a browser and Internet connection are required
Our service allows you to translate the case of the text in several required formats.
Facilitate and speed up routine operations with our free online service.
Your data is protected. They are not stored on the server

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