Characters Count Characters Count

This free online characters count tool runs right inside your browser and provides a quick and easy way to check the number of characters in any string of text.

A characters count tool is slightly different from a words count tool. While words counts look at the total number of whole words in a string, characters count tools will look instead at the number of characters which include letters and punctuation. Spaces are sometimes counted as characters and sometimes not, so you need a characters count tool that will allow you to use both settings.

There are many reasons that you might want to use characters count tools and there are many scenarios where the exact number of characters matters more than the number of words. This is true for instance when you have a meta description on a website. Here you will need to count the exact number of characters to make sure your whole text is shown in Google and shown on social networks.

Characters count tools can also sometimes be useful for various online application forms. You may alternatively be in a line of work where you are paid by the number of characters you write.
Whatever your need, this online characters count tool is completely free and very easy to use!

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