NSLookup Utility Online NSLookup Utility Online

This NSLookup utility is online and runs completely through your browser. It is also 100% free and very easy and intuitive to use so you spend less time fiddling and more time on your web development or other projects.

NSLookup is a command-line administrative tool that allows you to troubleshoot DNS servers. This way you can diagnose server problems and hopefully solve them so that you can fix them quickly with minimal interruption in service for your customers, visitors and clients. At the same time NSLookup can also be used in order to query DNS servers in order to get a domain name or IP address for specific DNS records.

NSLookup stands for 'Name Server Lookup'. NSLookup doesn't use the operating system's own local DNS resolver library and so it works different from dig. NSLookup can be used in an interactive or non-interactive mode.

There are many great uses for an NSLookup utility and it will be particularly helpful for web developers and other web professionals. This NSLookup utility has all the features you could want and runs entirely online so there's no need to install anything on your computer. Bookmark this page and you can use this tool quickly, easily and free whenever you need it.

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