Ping Utility Ping Utility

This free online ping utility allows you to make ping tests right from the browser with no need to install any desktop software.

Ping is a software utility used for computer network administration. It allows you to test the reachability of a host via an IP network and to measure the round-trip time for a message to be sent and responded to.

The term ping comes from sonar. Here a 'ping' is sent out as a sound wave and the time it takes for that soundwave to bounce back and return is recorded. This in turn allows navigators to calculate how far away an object is as long as they know the speed of the sound wave underwater.

A ping utility for server administration works in the same way. Here the ping is sent out to the server and the amount of time it takes for the response to come back can give you useful information about how well that server is running which is likely to correlate with the experience for users.

A good ping utility will be able to send multiple message formats from ICMP packets to echo requests. This ping utility is completely free and makes it easy to test server speeds online.

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