Whois Utility Online Whois Utility Online

This free Whois utility allows you to quickly and easily obtain Whois information straight from your browser.

Whois is technically written as WHOIS and is pronounced 'who is'. This is a query and response protocol used for querying databases with information regarding internet resources like domain names and IP addresses. You can use a WHOIS utility for instance in order to look up who owns a specific domain name which will then allow you to contact them as potential business partners and/or simply to get more information about them before deciding whether or not to work with them on specific projects. Perhaps the person who owns a domain providing a certain service is someone you know to have a bad reputation in your industry and that you don't want to work with.

You can also use an online Whois utility in order to look up your own information and to see how much data about you is available online.

This Whois utility runs entirely in the browser and is incredibly quick and easy to use. Because it's an online utility, there's no need to install anything on your computer. It's also completely free meaning you can check as many sites or IP addresses for free as you want to.

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