Words count online Words count online

This free online words count tool makes it simple and easy to count the number of words in any document or block of text. This way you will never be left uncertain about the number of words you've written which can have a great many uses.

Why is it useful to be able to get an accurate words count? For starters, many types of documents, applications etc. require a specific number of words. If you're applying to a job for instance, then you will need to write an application and a cover letter and both of these will need a specific number of words.

Likewise, words count tools are necessary for writers. If you earn money as a writer, then you will need a words count tool as you will probably be paid by the word. This way you can calculate how much you are owed.

Using words count tools also allows you to track your progress, to see how much you've written and to test your own writing speed. It can also be interesting to see how long your favorite texts are.
Because this words count tool runs right in the browser, there's no need to install anything on your computer and it's incredibly easy to quickly paste in text as you write it. Best of all, it's completely free!

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