QR code generator QR code generator

QR codes are 'bar code-like' patterns that are square in shape and usually feature a combination of black and white blocks (black squares on a white background). Their usefulness lies in the ability to scan them with a mobile app in order to launch a link.

Essentially then, when you make QR code images, you create 'hyperlinks' that can be used in real life. An example of this might be for a company to add make QR code images to add to their magazine advertisements or posters. This way, potential customers could then scan the images in with their device and quickly and easily open up a website link on their phone. It provides a fun and easy way for consumers to get more information and to continue learning about your product.

You can also use make QR code tools for other reasons. If you are running some kind of campaign for a school, your workplace or a club or hobby, then you can use a make QR tool here too.

This online make QR code tool it very easy and free to create QR code images right in your browser that you can link to any URL you want.

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