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Converter CSV to ODS

CSV is a file format that belongs to the category of text. Its developer is unknown, and the name is an abbreviation for Comma Separated Values. A text file in CSV format can store the data necessary for organizing tables, as well as those that can be imported into the database. This text format is intended for the presentation of tabular data and can be classified as tagged documents. The values ​​of individual data are separated by a special symbol - a comma. However, some programs may use other characters as a delimiter.

ODS is a spreadsheet received using StarOffice, OpenOffice, and other office suite programs. This table is created in the Calc application, and it is part of the free Apache OpenOffice office suite. An ODS file (Open Document Spreadsheet) stores all the data in cells, which are rows and columns. He is able to additionally have text, graphic elements, diagrams. Note that the ODS format is not always tables. It also happens that this is a mailbox or archive for electronic messages. Then it is created or saved in Outlook Express. The file format is based on OASIS, which is an open document format for office applications. All file data is in the form of XML. The OpenDocument standard can be used by everyone. And there are no restrictions. The ODS format is unlimited for any office application. Its source code is open, that is, it is a good alternative to Microsoft's proprietary format (.xls). Those who choose Microsoft Office will not need conversions. Excel in the 2007 version, which includes the second service pack, is able to support this format. To adapt such a document with an earlier version of the spreadsheet editor, the Sun ODF plug-in is installed.

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