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Converter ISO to ZIP

ISO is the most common disk image format. This file format is defined by the International Standards Organization. The name of the format is an abbreviation of the full name of this international organization. The function of ISO files is to create a data image of a CD or DVD disc. These files contain an exact copy of a real CD or DVD disc. It includes complete data, file system information, directory structure, file attributes and boot information. The created image copies every bit of the CD from the original media.

ZIP is one of the most popular and common archive or compressed file formats. The full name is Zipped File and the original name is Compressed ZIP archive file. The ZIP extension, which is used to package or compress files, was developed back in 1989. Its creator was Phil Katz, founder of PKWARE Corporation. Initially, the format was used in the PKZIP program, but now there are many other utilities to work with ZIP files. The ZIP format uses a standard compression type for compression, in which all individual files in the archive are compressed separately.

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