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Converter MID to WMA

MID is a sound file format developed by the MIDI Manufacturers Association and is a standard extension for MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) audio files. Using files of the specified format, the encoding into the standard format of most MIDI data is performed. This standard format is used for the interaction of various devices and programs. The exchange of musical information is between instruments, synthesizers and computers. MID files do not contain the musical data itself, but their attributes - for example, information about how long certain notes sound, or about the pitch, tonality.

WMA is a widespread licensed audio stream compression format. Created in 1999 by Signal Processing Group, a member of the IT giant Microsoft. Initially, this company created WMA as a competitor to the popular MP3 format. The name WMA is an abbreviation for Windows Media Audio. Among the advantages of this format is the support of almost all Windows systems and devices, as well as the similarity in characteristics and quality with MP3 files. It is believed that a compressed WMA audio file with a bit rate of 160 kbit / s is fully consistent with the quality of an MP3 file with a bit rate of 256 kbit / s. Today, even Apple devices support the WMA format.

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